MetalIndia Magazine website launched

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of MetalIndia Magazine website. After being in hiatus for almost a year, extreme metal magazine, MetalIndia Magazine, is back with a vengeance. MetalIndia Magazine is now alive and headbanging at a new location sporting a new killer design and logo. All the content from the old… Continue reading MetalIndia Magazine website launched

OpenSUSE 11.2 Released

OpenSUSE announced the release of their latest release 11.2 yesterday. The new release has a bucket load of updates and features included. The new release includes KDE 4.3 which is much more stable than before along with new versions of Mozilla Firefox and Openoffice 3.1. The release also includes a new theme designed specially for… Continue reading OpenSUSE 11.2 Released

Working with Eclipse and Code Igniter

Till recently I had been using my trusted editor, Notepad++, for doing all my development work. Not that I am not using it anymore, but I was looking for something more powerful and integrated, something like an IDE. I had tried few IDEs including Eclipse before but did not get much into it and hence… Continue reading Working with Eclipse and Code Igniter