About Me

Hi, I’m Hetal and welcome to my blog. I am interested in web technology, data warehousing, data analysis, listening to music (mostly heavy metal), movies, photography and would be blogging on these topics. Please feel free to drop me a comment.


5 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hi Rob, I listen to heavy, power, speed/thrash, tech death and melodic death metal. I like classic rock too. What kind of metal are you into?

  1. I like classic death (Carcass, Entombed…), some prog stuff, like Tool, Dream Theater. Love me the Goth metal—Paradise Lost, Tiamat. Recently got into Soilwork, Believer. Though, I am starting to listen to much more mellow music, but just as dark and sinister (melodically.)

    1. Never really got into Gothic and Prog metal. I like Carcass, DT. I always preferred melodic and aggressive music so melodic death metal comes naturally 🙂 Also listen to classic bands like Rainbow, Styx, Asia, Kansas etc.

  2. I love Dio as well as a lot of the classic stuff. Didn’t mean to monopolize your About page with useless comments on metal. I like your posts on linux and ruby. Great stuff!

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