Displaying resized images as links in WordPress

While working on a WordPress theme for a friend, I was looking for a way to display links as images rather than text. WordPress provides wp_list_bookmarks function to display links. The parameter show_images controls whether to display images or not. But my requirement was to display just the images and no text. And I wanted to resize the images rather than showing the entire picture.

WordPress provides another function get_bookmarks which can be used to controls what links we need to fetch. Together with parameters, the function can provide the solution to my problem.

The function was called in the following way:

$bookmarks = get_bookmarks('category_name=bands&limit=3&orderby=id&order=DESC');

I have a links category called “bands” and wanted to get the latest 3 links in descending order using the “id” column.

The function returns an array $bookmark which needs to be looped through to get the results.

foreach($bookmarks as $bookmark) {

echo $bookmark->link_name;

echo $bookmark->link_image;

echo clean_url($bookmark->link_url);

The final code block with the resize script (timthumb) looked like this:

 $bookmarks = get_bookmarks('category_name=bands&limit=3&orderby=id&order=DESC');
 foreach($bookmarks as $bookmark) {
	<li><a title="<?php echo $bookmark->link_name; ?>" href="<?php echo clean_url($bookmark->link_url); ?>" target="_blank"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo $bookmark->link_image; ?>&h=100&w=300&zc=1" alt="<? echo $bookmark->link_name; ?>" id=""/></a></li>

2 thoughts on “Displaying resized images as links in WordPress

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